Maintenance / Tune-up

Be prepared for the cold winters and hot summers with our precision tune-up and safety inspections.  Do not wait until your equipment fails when you most need it.  Yearly tune-ups have many benefits:

1- Prevent costly repairs

2- Ensures clean air circulation in your home

3-  Keeps your equipment running efficiently with lower monthly utility bills

Preventative maintenance could prevent costly repairs while saving you money on your utility bills. We are here to help, contact us today to schedule your next tune-up!

Flex Air Ducting

Air Ducting

We highly recommend you having your duct system inspected regularly for air leaks and air quality to ensure your system is working efficiently.  Air leakage causes loss of energy, which will result in higher energy bill and could potentially pulling unwanted air into your home causing additional complications.


Ductless Systems

Our qualified technicians will service and maintain your equipment to run efficiently and eliminating any wasted energy.  Ductless systems also called mini-split systems are the right option for you when heating and cooling individual rooms with separate zones within your home.  These types of systems use less energy for their purpose, which will result in significant savings.

Wall Gas Furnaces

Keep warm and safe as winters are getting colder.  Whether you need to repair, complete a safety tune-up or replace your wall gas furnace,  US Heating and Cooling is your best choice.  We offer an exceptional customer service and workmanship.  Our highly experienced technicians are here to provide you with the best services.  We highly recommend yearly safety tune-ups on all wall gas furnaces.